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POP relies on the enthusiastic support of community volunteers to help with plantings and orchard care days. We encourage you to join POP’s volunteer email list to receive announcements of events and opportunities to get involved.

To sign up for an upcoming POP planting, work day, or workshop, please visit our Events Page. If you would like to sign up for a volunteer experience with 5 or more people in your school, church, or corporate group, please contact Executive Director Phil Forsyth (phil@phillyorchards.org) first for more information.

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POP Committees

Join us! Serve on a POP Committee! POP is always looking for dedicated volunteers to help select and support orchard planting partners; plan events and do outreach; or assist with fundraising.

Orchard Committee

Coordinated by POP Executive Director Phil Forsyth, this committee does POP’s core work: Evaluating and coordinating with potential planting partners. Working with community-based groups to plan and plant orchards. Providing long-term follow up for orchard care.

The Orchard Committee consists of staff and volunteers and meets three or four times a year. Members are expected to come to at least two meetings per year and participate as a liaison for at least one orchard partner. Please download the orchard liaison role description for more information. Anyone interested in joining this committee should contact Executive Director Phil Forsyth (phil@phillyorchards.org) for more info.

Events Committee

POP’s Events Committee organizes non-planting-related events, including happy hours & house parties, helps with tabling at events, and solicits in-kind donations from local businesses to support these events. Send an email to Development Director Kim Jordan (kim@phillyorchards.org) to learn more.

Fundraising Committee

Do you know how to write grants or raise funds? POP welcomes experienced fundraisers to help sustain and expand our impacts. Help with grant-writing or editing, and donor or grantee identification. Contact Development Director Kim Jordan (kim@phillyorchards.org) to learn more.

Education Committee

Members of this committee work to help POP develop and implement educational materials about orchard care, nutrition, composting, weed identification, pest control… just to get started! If you would like to help create content for our urban orchard blog, assist in orchard curriculum development, or in graphic design, please contact Education Director Alyssa Schimmel (alyssa@phillyorchards.org) to learn more.